Sunday, March 16, 2008

nuthin' to see here's all over at the new "rental" place now. You should all have links... if not, send me a smoke signal and I will reply by carrier pigeon. ;)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Last TWT ever??

Sorry again blog neglectarinos for my terrible tardiness and general lack of postage over the weekend. Hit afew tacks on the road this week but all punctures appear to be fixed, with no unpleasant hissing noises evident. And the rest of my time was put to good use... but more on that in a minute.

I probably shouldn't drone on about what I've been up to today because you will just roll your eyes and say to yourself "jeeeezus, how does he EVER get any work done?", but suffice to say it's been pleasant. In addition, I finally got my camera back... and have been wandering around taking pictures of pretty much everything that moves... or doesn't. I'm hoping to post a few in the not too distant future... which brings me to some very, very important news.

Your time starts now will be closing soon... but only in the sense there will no longer be any blog(s) on blogger. I have spent a goodly part of today migrating the site to a new, temporary home... while I at least get the proper home to the point where I can actually move in. I will let anyone who cares know the address of the "rental property", but instead of posting it here I'll leave it your comments. Once I am sure everyone knows, I'll yank out the power cord for the blogger site. Soon after that, I hope the new place will be ready and the move complete.

I'm not going into my reasons for moving here, but suffice to say I want to do it fairly quickly ( "sounds like a another job for TWT!" I hear one of you snigger ;) ). There is the added bonus that it'll give me much more flexibility... and faith in the infrastructure.

Anyhoo... that was time wastin' Tuesday. How was yours?